PC support

I have been supporting users on PCs since the day’s of the old 286 and before DOS 3.0.  I remember going kicking and screaming into Win 3.1 because the speed and stability of  windows just couldn’t hold a candle to my DOS programs.  Boy have times changed!

I have done support on a professional level for well over 3 decades.

System running sluggish?  Here’s what I can do for you:

These, and other tricks, are things you can probably look into for yourself.  But for those of you who may feel lost… call or email me and let’s see what I can do to help you.  This type of a service call generally runs between $75 and $100, depending on if I do it remotely or on location and depending on how complicated the issue is.   Prices may also vary if a system has had no maintenance for years, multiple serious spyware and/or virus issues exist, or hardware needs upgrading.  Discounts if you are nice, extra charges may apply if you are a meanie or hard to get along with (What!?!?  You think I’m makin’ this stuff up!?!?)  🙂

Other services:

  • Hardware additions – need to go wireless?  Add a printer?  Add a backup?
  • Keep track your family members via smart phones – Google maps offers one of many great options.  Want to find your smart phone and lock it (or wipe it clean!) when it’s lost?  I can help set you up for that as well.
  • Need a website? – See my webmastery page. I currently have put that on the back burner for time constraints, but for the right situation I may be open to your project.
  • Need to add feedback forms to your website?  Want to gather customer feedback and have it emailed to you?  Not a prob!
  • Graphic Art needs?  Need a brochure, flyer, business card designed?  Gotchya covered.
  • Recover missing files – depending on how they “disappeared”, I may be able to get your file(s) back.

Simply email me at kentonrjohnson@gmail.com or call or text me at (503) 928-4737.

The boring rest of my story:

With a background of support in the world of dinosaurs (well, in retrospect I guess working on IBM, Cray, Sperry, and ControlData mainframes was pretty cool back in the day actually), I supported the upgrade of IT equipment and procedures in the international offices of a university I was working at in the 1990s. I was hired later by the IT department of that university to become a systems analyst, a 2nd and 3rd tier help desk (the job I enjoyed the most!) and eventually to manager a network of computer labs used by students (this was before most students could afford their own laptops, had no mobile devices, and wireless access was just a dream we started to implement . PC support included hundreds of computers to maintain (remember Y2k anybody? oy! What a great opportunity for us to get funding for much needed upgrades though!). Repairs (like the department that liked placing magnets on their PC cases which supported the girls volleyball team, but kept destroying the hard drives), replacements (either purchases or building from scratch), and educating users were all part of a normal day. I got my greatest rewards from training workers how to accomplish what they needed to do, moving them from frustration to being proud of what they could do to increase their productivity.
After moving to Oregon, I shifted industries but kept doing PC support, which I do to this day as the customer service face of our IT department to over 200 stores in 14 western states as well as to the corporate users at our 3 distribution centers in Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver and Memphis.
Having been the “go to guy” for family and friends with their computer issues for most of my adult life, I am now making myself available to a larger group of loyal customers during my “off hours”.  I am not available to assist you while at my 8-5 Mon-Fri job, but can be fairly flexible for advice, on-location work, or remote-control work on your PC.