Crisis Handouts

Here are some handouts that can be handy to have with you when dealing with people in crisis.  Some of these are for you as a chaplain, some are for giving to those impacted by crisis

Handouts to give victims/survivors:
(download) Self-care for Intrusive Thoughts After a Traumatic Event
(download) Common Reactions to Trauma or Loss
(download) Resource List (this needs to be localized/expanded for Boring/Clackamas Fire)

Handouts for Chaplains to refresh skills:
(download) Pastoral Crisis Intervention at a glance (one page)
(download) When to Refer to Mental Health resource(s)
(download) CISM Integrative Phases Chart
(download) The ICISF “S.A.F.E.R. Care” Crisis Formula Diamond

These handouts were made available to me by Chaplain Dr. Pat Hammon, my instructor for CISM: Pastoral Crisis Intervention (I) and are share with his permission.

Additional great resource for victims/survivors may be found on the TIP website (click here)
If you have some other great resources such as these, please submit a comment below.  Thank you.


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