Certificates, Licenses, etc

Programs of Study graduated from:
High School Diploma – Duncanville High School [view]
Bachelor of Arts – Dallas Baptist University [view]
_____________(Double Major: English, Christian Faith)
Additional academic studies: 21 hours towards M.Div SWBTS, Ft. Worth, TX 

Ecclesiastic endorsements:
Ordination as a Deacon [view]
License to the Ministry [view 1st] [view 2nd]
Ordained to the Ministry [view]
Chaplain Endorsement: Southern Baptist / North American Mission Board [view]
(Also see letters of reference from denominational leaders below.)

Certificate of Completion –
Cert of Completion: Clackamas Sheriff’s Citizen Info Academy (37 hrs) [view]
Certificate of Completion: Trauma Intervention Program (40+ hrs) [view]
Police and Fire Chaplain Academy (46 hrs) [view]
Basic Fire Chaplain Cert: Federation of Fire Chaplains (16 hrs)  [view]
FBI Citizen’s Academy – Portland, OR (6 Weeks) [view]
Advanced Fire Chaplain Cert: Federation of Fire Chaplains (130 hrs)  [view]
Level III Instructor: Federation of Fire Chaplains  [view]
Advanced Chaplains Academy (Oregon Chaplains Academy) [view]

Other Certifications:
CISM: Individual Intervention and Peer Support (13 hrs) [view 1st] [view 2nd]
CISM: Line of Duty Death (13 hrs) (Oct 2012) [view]
CISM: Group Crisis Intervention (14 hrs) (September 2013) [view]
CISM:  Pastoral Intervention (13 hrs) (Oct 2013) [view]
CISM:  Pastoral Intervention I and II (26 hrs) (May 2016) [view]
CISM:  Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention (14 hrs) (Aug 2016) [view]
CISM:  Adv Indiv Crisis Intervention & Peer Support (13 hrs) (June 2018) [view]
CISM:  Grief Following Trauma (14 hrs) (February 2019) [view]
COSFA: Combat & Operational Stress 1st Aid  w/ Enio Agüero (12 hrs) (Jan 2015) [link]
FEMA: IS-100.b Intro to Incident Command System, ICS-100 (3 hrs) [view]
FEMA: IS-200.b ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (3 hrs) [view]
FEMA: IS-368 Including People w/ Disabilities & Others w/ Access & Functional Needs in Disaster Operations (2 hr) [view]
FEMA: IS-505 Religious and Cultural Literacy and Competency in Disaster (5 hrs) [view]
FEMA: IS-700.a Nat’l Incident Mgmt System (NIMS) An Introduction (3 hrs) [view]
FEMA: IS-701.a NIMS Multiagency Coordination System (MACS) (5 hrs) [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: ISBDR (aka: “Intro”) [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Mass Feeding [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Mud-out [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Damage Assessments [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Chaplaincy [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: BGR:  International Disaster Response [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Fire Cleanup [view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: Forklift Operations[view]
Southern Baptist Disaster Relief: FormStack[view]
Lines for Life:  Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (16 hrs) [view]
QPR Institute: Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper (1 hour) [view]
QPR Institute: QPR Suicide Prevention for EMS/Fire Fighters:  2016 (6 hours) [view]
Sexual Harassment Awareness:  2016, 2017 (1 hour) [view]
We Regret To Inform You: FBI Death Notification: 2016 [view]
Northwest Peer Support Conference:  2014 [view] 2016 [view]
Red Cross: Psychological 1st Aid: 2009, 2017 (6 hours) [view]
Red Cross: Disaster Sheltering: [view 2009] [view 2015]
American Heart Association: CPR and First Aid [view]
Misc Fire District Training Certificates:[view]
Army Corp of Engineers: FloodFlight
Oregon Food Handler Permit 2016-2019 [view]

Letters of Reference:
June Vining: Director, Trauma Intervention Program [view]
Bob Cozzie: Director, Clackamas County 9-1-1 [view]
Deputy Chief Jim Syring, Clackamas Fire Dist #1 [view]
Steve Brodehl: Exec Chaplain, Public Safety Chaplaincy [view]
Gary Floyd: Director, Northwest Baptist Disaster Relief [view]
Dr. Keith Evans: Lead Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church [view]
Rusty Massey: Lead Pastor, Trinity Church [view]
Troy Smith: Moderator, Interstate Baptist Association [view]

Chaplain’s Oath: from being sworn-in with Boring / Clackamas Fire 2013 [view]
Chaplain’s Oath: from being sworn-in with the unified Clackamas Fire 2014 [view]
Support Oath: from being sworn-in with the Rehab Group of Clackamas Fire 2015 [view]
Membership: Federation of Fire Chaplains 2014 through present [view]
Congressional Recognition “Outstanding Community Service” with TIP Dec 2014 [view]
Public Safety Award: Damascus, Boring Fire, Chamb Comm 2009 [view cert] [view news]
Letter of thanks: from Incident Command at the Taylor Bridge Fire [view]
Letter of thanks: Mt Hood College, a partner in Reynold’s Shooting response [view]
Letter of thanks: Hoodland Fire Chief, response to fire in Welches [view]
Letter of thanks: Multnomah County, Eagle Creek Conflagration [view]
Volunteer Firefighter Academy “Dedication Award” (2015) [view]
District Award: Support Volunteer of the Year (2015) [view award] [view plaque]
District Award: Support Volunteer of the Year (2017) [view award] [view plaque]
Mt Wave SAR Award: Most Inspirational Member (2017) [view]
Challenge Coin:  Taylor Bridge Wildfire (Service as 1 of 2 Chaplains.  1,000+ FFs) [view]
Challenge Coin:  East Multnomah County SWAT (For service to injured law officer) [view]

Challenge Coin:  Trauma Intervention Program of Portland/Vancouver [view]
Challenge Coin:  American Red Cross (Rare challenge coin, early recipient.) [view]
Challenge Coin:  Reynolds High School (lead chaplain, school shooting) [view]
Challenge Coin:  PDX International Airport (Triennial Exercises 2014) [view]

Challenge Coin:  Clackamas Fire (Support Volunteer of the Year 2015)
Challenge Coin:  Clackamas Fire (Support Volunteer of the Year 2017) [view]
Challenge Coin:  Clackamas 911 (2017) [view]

Future Wish List of Training:
Lifelong learning allows me to develop natural (and spiritual) talents and gifts.  It opens the mind, keeping it hungry to learn, creates opportunities to increase in gaining and using wisdom.  It allows for making meaningful contributions to society while also building new relationships.  It can bring more meaning to life, and allows me to serve my God and mankind better.  Plus, it’s a kick in the pants!  I don’t intend to do all of this training in one year, nor is this a complete list.  Here is my starting place however:
Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): [link]:
____Suicide Awareness: An Introduction for Crisis Responders [link]
____When Disaster Strikes: Linking Emerg Mgmt with Stress Mgmt [link]
____Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters [link]
____Responding to School Crises*: An Integrated Multi-Component Crisis _________________________Intervention Approach [link]
____FEMA: ISC IS-800.B: Nat’l Response Framework, An Intro (3 hrs) [link]
____FEMA: IS-5.A: Intro to Hazardous Materials (10 hrs) [link]
____FEMA: IS-907 – Active Shooter: What You Can Do (1 hour) [link]
____FEMA: IS-325 Earthquake Basics: Science, Risk, and Mitigation [link]
DPPST: Oregon Chaplain Response Team training [link]
“Code 4” training on a variety of subjects, including:  [link]
____Tactical Silence,
____Emotional Survival for the Emergency Services Provider,
____Verbal Judo, etc
National Organization for Victims Assistance  [link]
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services [link] especially Psychological 1st Aid
National Institute of Mental Health [link]
Clinical Pastoral Education – Level 1 [link]

The word “Crises” is not a typo.  “Crises” is the plural of “Crisis”.