Who are we kidding?  Frequently Asked Questions??  Nobody frequently asks questions about me really, unless they want to hire me.  Those who know me, quickly learn these important things about me, those who don’t.. well… as the saying goes

“Nobody cares what you know, till they know you care.”

That said, here are the really important things to know about me:

Q:  Where were you born?
A:  In Texas, where I grew up, they say “never ask a man where he’s from.  If he’s from Texas you won’t have to ask.  If he’s not, there’s no need to embarrass him.”

Q:  Is it true that you are a grampa?
A:  Did I tell you about Ayden William Lee Johnson?  Born in Tennessee in the summer of 2012.  Smart, good looking, a little chip off the ol’ block.  Or the ever beautiful Sophia Noelle Lizen born in Oregon in May of 2014?  Cuter as a button and man you should hear her laugh!

Q: What?  Grandkid but no kids?
A:  I’m very proud of my son Jeremy and his wife Vanessa who are raising my grandson, and also of my “little girl” Abi and her hubby Nick who live here in town with “Sophie”.  Not only proud of our youngest, Bethany, but so grateful for the joy she brings to us in these months or years we still have with her living with us.  And we have two more kids too!  One is in heaven already, we look forward to that first hug, and while not blood-related we have a very special “daugher” in Lombardia, Italy named Claudia.  She only lived with us for a little under a year (school year 2009/2010), but she’s still as much family to us as if she grew up under our roof and we miss her very much.  Skype, FaceBook, GoogleVoice, cell phone calls, text messages, etc all are wonderful, but there’s nothing like a real hug in person.

Q:  Favorite spots on the planet?
A:  Trillium Lake in the Mt Hood National Forest, Crater Lake in Southern Oregon, Grampa’s cabin on the Kawishiwi River in Ely, Minnisota

Q:  Favorite Scripture
A:  Too many to call any of them more than the others, but big ones would include Prov 3:4,5, the book of James, the Epistle to the Philipians, 1st John 1:9

Q:  Hobbies?
A:  pretty much what you see on this site, ministry, including non-traditional non-profit work and especially chaplaincy, photography, the occasional hike with my wonderful bride or whatever friend I can con into going with me, tinkering with IT schtuff, hangin with my bride doing anything.