Digital Imagery

It’s not by accident that the word Image sounds like our word Imagine.  They both spring from the same root.  I love to take pictures, especially of nature, but I also enjoy “tweaking” images to something I can only imagine in my mind.

My tools simple:  a point and shoot digital camera (currently a Fuji something or another, and on occasion even my cell phone!) and a very old copy of .. you won’t believe it.. but Paintshop Pro.  There are fancier nice sleeker more powerful programs out.. have been for years.. but I think most of what can be done is impacted by what I can come up with in my mind, and that the digital canvas and brushes I use are secondary.

To see some of my nature photos, click here.  You can find some of my other pictures scattered around on my facebook page here.  I will add some of my nature shots to this page some day, as well as some of my people shots and car shots.

I am starting to play with videography these days, but not ready to show to many of those just yet.  In 2014 I hope to do some time-lapse photography displaying the incredible natural beauty of the region I live in.  I am hoping specifically to play with using a track system that allows the viewer to gain perspective of motion and varying angles of a mountain at sunset, a star filled sky, a full moon rising – – maybe over a body of water, and the play of shadows on grand stone monoliths such as Haystack Rock or the towering John Day Fossil Bed cliffs